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10 things you should consider to sell your home in Marbella

Posted by admin on April 27, 2016
| Blog
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– The main thing is to contact a real estate agency with experience in the market, since in its web, investors from all over the world can see your ad portals.

– Always keep tidy the house, as they do not know when to get people who are interested in acquiring your property

– Avoid having pets at home or too many pictures of their families, as they will not feel familiar in the building.

Although we are accustomed to hear, the most important aspect to be taken into account when trying to sell a property in Marbella or any area of ​​Spain is to find a really good Real Estate agency. So if you are interested in your property has the maximum possible exposure, simply contact us as our online real estate portals are part of the most important in the country, another essential point is to present well the property, highlight all the positive points it and remember to take very good pictures.


If you want to sell your home in Marbella quickly and at the best price contact Panda Estates, we are leaders in the Real Estate market

1- Contact a recognized Real Estate agency 

You may have an attractive building, whose construction is quality and also is located in an interesting area, such as waterfront and nearby shops and restaurants of Marbella, but that is not everything when tries to sell a property, remember that the main thing is that people become aware that the property is for sale, for it will not be enough to place a notice outside saying “sold”.

And is that success in real estate sales today is mainly rooted in international real estate portals, the reason is very simple, and anyone from virtually anywhere in the world will have the opportunity to enter through the web, see your offer, photos of your property and to contact you in this way to consult any doubts that you might have.

Real Estate

Contact us to offer the best real estate advice to buy or sell any property

In addition also remember that not all people have the time or the opportunity to walk the streets of the city to learn about the homes that are for sale, so the absolute and modern course option is that the announcement is made to through the web. If you want to have a recognized agency with experience in the Spanish property market we invite you to contact us, we will offer all the help you need.

2- Do not miss the sale by minor details

Once you have already agreed to the sale, do not let fall by details that are small but that in turn can be very important, and that is if for example the buyer wants the blinds which currently has the house are included, and you had planned to take them, chances are they really worth accessing what the customer is asking. And it is that for this reason we invite you to consider the price of some new curtains in relation to the selling price. If for example we are talking about a property that you plan to sell about 750,000 €, it is important to be realistic, because the fact of spending € 1,000 on the new curtains even allows the business worthwhile.

On the other hand, if you want to prevent these types of issues impacting on the sale of the property we recommend that if any curtain / carpet / accessories / decoration that really do not want to include in the sale then remove it before opening her home to visitors.

3- See your friends your opinion of the property

Maybe to some of your friends is difficult be interested 100% honest about the area in which your property for sale in Marbella looks, however worthwhile to consult them, especially those who consider more honest about the assessment that they would give their property if they were buyers. And also you mentioned What negative aspects and positive aspects which can get out of it? Remember that many times we, by ourselves do not have the capacity to realizing those details that make the home not look so attractive, sometimes because time watching them and we are used to.

The opinions of your friends can help you identify those details that should take care, as well as those that should be emphasized. And it is that for example, the sea views from the terrace of the family home in Marbella Golden Mile are a genuine show. This will help to have another perspective and another opinion, so it will be easier to catch those who want to invest in a property in Marbella.

It is important that you as owner and seller of the property is set if your friends or people who decided to consult your opinion focus their attention on that leaky faucet in the bathroom, in the stain in the carpet or the tile broken the pool? Or on the other side what they really love are the views from the terrace or traditional open fireplace? Also we invite you to see the whole place from the buyer’s perspective.


4- Spend a few euros on decorating your property

May you as seller seems strange the fact of leaving home to buy new property for sale for such things, however there is nothing more opposed to an attractive housing a faded quilt and some blinds made girones. Those details such as towels, cushions, carpets and plants will not make you spend a lot of money, and allow you to create a sense of home in a space that looks insignificant and even tasteless.

Decorate home

It is important to give a minimalist touch to your space, and remember that less is more, so do not fill the spaces of many objects

That is why our fifth recommendation is to ensure that each area of ​​the home reflects the idea for which it was designed, and is for example if it is a bedroom should look more to that than a storeroom. Also remember that if for example the bathroom looks neglected by the look of the towels, you can buy some that the final will not have to leave them to the buyer, you can take them to their new room, which will improve the way they look the spaces and also these new objects will serve for the use on the site you chose to live.



5- Post quality photographs 

Now, after your home is perfectly ordered, now is time to make some good photos that appeal to all buyers. Remember that some nice pictures will allow to attract potential investors to your door. So it’s worth paying a professional photographer yourself.

Panda-Estates, we recommend that if you yourself will take photos, use a high quality camera with a wide angle, because it will allow you to make fantastic photos both larger as details spaces. Likewise we recommend that you take the lighting conditions to make the most of the potential of your home, remember that there is sunshine almost Marbella all year, so do not be afraid to open your windows, use of natural light and make a good shot.

Area or common spaces are very important when it comes to properties on the Costa del Sol, so if your neighborhood or residence with a private pool, tennis for sport or is headed to the beach, do not hesitate to photograph these spaces and include them in the photo album will post on our real estate portal.

6- Contact a professional cleaning

Remember that neatness and cleanliness are an important point, especially when it is a property that is close to the beach and can easily be filled with sand or be affected by salt, so it’s worth investing in a cleaning back of his house by professionals. To do this we suggest including steam cleaning carpets, curtains and furniture. Thus tiled floors and a much improved pressure washing or steam. While those areas where the grout or sealant are stained with mold and place would be good to remove it again. Likewise, it is also important to give a coat of paint to the walls, of course if necessary.

Thus do not forget that if your house has its own swimming pool, this is one of the strong points of sale, and is that just because it’s winter time does not mean that potential buyers consider it normal to be filled with dirt or leaves fallen tree.

A lot of people who buy property in Marbella, seeking a home where they can spend the holidays, so their attention was fixed on the outside areas of the house mostly. Therefore we also recommend that you hire a gardener to prune the bushes and if necessary to plant some pretty flowers. Equally important to keep the pool in good condition it is also to pay attention to both the backyard and which is located at the entrance of the house, and also we recommend that you make sure your property has an attractive exterior.

7- Order and depersonalize your home

According to BBC World, this may be one of the most complicated steps, it is that some vendors struggle to make your home a little less “home” more however, those who manage, often obtained a selling price more high. Prospective buyers of the property to be sold should be able to see themselves living in the house, but if the whole place is covered with photos of his extended family, or his prized collection of teddy bears simply interested not feel gratified or at home, they may even feel intimidated up.

Clean house

Completely prevents family photographs, not make you feel to prospective buyers at home

On the other hand, if you just want to create a feeling of openness and space, we invite you to take some of those rooms that have too much clutter or a lot of furniture. Remember also have to pack all your belongings when you move, so you better start this process before and bring some things to the storeroom. Do not allow because of all your belongings, buyers think there is not enough space for storage or their families, just as we recommend not hide or keep everything, because then the place will look lifeless.


8- Prepare for potential buyers

It may be annoying to you to keep the house all perfect day and also keep dress properly when you are in your own home, however when selling their property is also important that is available to show it to potential buyers at virtually any time . As this means you can not go to work and leave dirty dishes in the kitchen, the unmade bed or children’s toys lying everywhere, but on the contrary it is important to keep the house neat and clean overall. So as a successful real estate company will encourage you to ensure that your home is always prepared for the visit and it is also important to be as flexible as possible to allow them access time.

It is much easier and positive for sale you show a property that is clean and tidy, also remember that in Marbella spend 80% of the year on the terraces, balconies and porches. So it is important to open the doors and windows and thus allow the sunshine on your property.

9- Beware pets

If such a day when you are sure that you will receive several visits by potential buyers, we invite you to send your pets home to their relatives, neighbors or even their closest friends. Not only because some animals may roll back some buyers, but also strangers coming to the house will be stressful for your pets. Some people are afraid of dogs, or disgust by cats, so to see them on the property will not make them feel comfortable, which is why we also recommend that you make sure to remove from sight feeders and beds pets and that no hairs on the sofa or on the carpet, in the case of odor remains, it is recommended to use air fresheners.

10- Do not bother if you receive lower offers the sale price

When he has devoted so much time and money making sure that your property is well presented, clean, tidy, with attractive spaces and no trace of their pets usually quite demoralizing receive low offers. If this happens we recommend you do not bother or offend, because it is not an attack on his home. Always be clear that this is a business transaction and obviously the buyer even though he likes his home enough, always try to pay as little as possible for it, that is, getting the best price, probably to you as a seller not It suits you, so the recommendation that we as a real estate portal with many years of experience, we recommend simply would not take it personally, on the contrary, it is time to start negotiations.

Remember very well that most people taking the important decision to invest in a property in Marbella, are wealthy, so what we recommend is that if for example you want to sell your property at some 550,000 euros, the offer in 570,000 and will already have a base that allows you to negotiate and show the customer that you can make sales itself and reach a mutual agreement.

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