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Panda Estates thoroughly commits to its clients, leading them through the process of buying and/or selling a property. Our custom made service is finely-tuned to each client and supported by the quality and personalized attention we provide thorough:

  • Legal consulting and advice along the buying/selling process

  • Advice and Personalized Service through the buying/selling process

  • Marketing, advertising, and promotion services

Personalized Attention

Our Company could be considered a real estate matchmaker. We offer a wide selection of most of the finest properties of the area, assisting you finding your dream house. The client will help us finding his/her dream property of his/her dreams, through inputs regarding needs and desires.

It all begins with a contact from the client, either by telephone or E-mail. The client will openly share a detailed summary reflecting what he/she is looking for. A list of amenities and serviceability requirements and/or considerations, such as Parks, Schools, and Hospitals, will be kindly appreciated, considered, and definitely helpful.

In order to achieve and provide a custom service, a Panda Estate representative is assign to each client. By doing so, we can satisfy the client’s requests by focusing on the search of the ideal property. It is our interest that the property options we present will be gladly evaluated and considered for visits. Our database will be the introductory source of properties from where to choose. However, our alliance with IREA AII (International Real Estate Alliance) allows us to have at our reach and disposal more than 1,000 real estate websites. Taking advantage of both groups of available properties, our office has the opportunity to use and search through the information available online of all the real estate agencies on Costa del Sol, including Marbella.

Your personalized agent will be more than helpful, as he/she not only has a selection of properties for sale ready for you to evaluate and visit but also will assist you, if needed, with your travel and accommodation arrangements for your visit to Marbella. Your agent can also be that familiar face who will privately tour you around the area, helping you to take additional factors in consideration when you select a property or beloved locations in the city. This is a way to make the most of your valuable time while procuring a faster and effective result. Your agent will be also ready to help about how to buy a house and all the legal procedure.

Advice through the Process of Buying and/or Selling

For Panda Estate, our clients’ trust has been our best reward. We can thoroughly explain the process of buying and/or selling a property in Marbella or any other area in Costa del Sol. The clientele can count on our support and expertise on the listings available. We support our client’s trust by providing a responsible service. Our agents are backed up by the assistance of experts in every area or aspect involved in the buying/selling process. The continuous supervision and counseling of the buying/selling process will determine required documents, actions, and resources needed for the acquisition or selling of a property.

  • We know our clientele: by evaluating their needs and adjusting the solicited requirements we are looking forward to fulfill their expectations. We consider the value of the property, its current price, its appeal and the considerations given by the client to achieve the most effective and accurate result when we present a property. All these factors are closely compared to the situation of the real estate market at any point in time.

  • We will be glad to explain the process of buying and/or selling a property: Our best interest is to provide the needed guidance for the full understanding of all the required steps related to the property business. We will trace the way and explain every detail regarding the Reserve Contract, the Exclusivity Contract, the Property Tittle plus any expenses and taxes to be covered for the transaction.

Press Coverage-Marketing, Advertising & Promotion

One of Panda Estate’s distinguished stamps is its high quality press coverage. Through a detailed, and well structured, advertising service. Every aspect referring to the marketing, advertising, and promotion needed for the successful completion of either a selling or a purchasing of a property handed by a client, is supported by an Exclusivity Agreement between the client and Panda Estate. This document, allows us to position the property in the market through the use of different available tools and channels:

  • Presence in specialized real estate magazines: the properties of our clients will be portrayed and listed in well-known and established real estate publications and websites devoted to the real property business, as a way to make them available for potential buyers.

Legal Counseling

Panda Estates is supported by well-established and recognized Law Firms with specialized departments in Real Estate and Urban Laws. We can assure that these serious professionals’ practice is in strict accordance to the law.

Our company recommends to our clients to bring their own trusted lawyer. Both attorneys would be able to jointly conduce the buying/selling process and, at the same time, our client will be well cared, supported, and assisted along the process. This is the best way to provide piece of mind and seriousness to our buyers and/or sellers.

Among the diligences carried out by our Legal Department are:

  • Writing, reviewing, and amendment of any type of Real Estate Contract (In Arras, Buying Options, Sales Contract, Leasing, Disposal of Use, Reservation Contract, Exclusivity Contract, Commodatum, etc.)

  • The Mortgage conditions that must be considered according to the type of property that will be presented to the Bank.

  • Management of all needed processing previous to the completion of the Sales Contract (Cadastral Check, Notary, Signatures, Registration, etc.)

  • Payment of Tax Assessment

  • We also provide assistance regarding Horizontal Property and Owner’s Associations.