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Why the exclusive contract is your best option to sell your house with Panda Estates?

Many people think that giving your property for sale to several real estates companies have more advantages than disadvantages and increases the chances of selling your property better and faster, though in many cases this theory is totally wrong for several reasons as long as we choose a prestigious company, serious and committed to its clients. Generally a serious and honest real estate company prioritize the sale of the properties that are exclusive for those who do not; to be precise, if a real estate has for sale in an area 100 properties with similar characteristics and prices of which 90 properties have a non-exclusive contract and  10 properties have an exclusive one; it is logical that in fair return of the trust of our customers, we first offered the properties that we  have exclusively, and only if the potential buyer does not like any of them, alternatively will offer the properties that we have with no exclusivity.

On the other hand, we spend 10 times more on marketing our exclusive properties than for those who do not. The reason for this is obvious as well as returning the gesture of gratitude to our clients for placing their trust in us; there are economic reasons for increased investment in advertising the exclusive property, because if we increase sales opportunities by increasing advertising spending; we are confident that during the term of the contract if the property is sold, we will return all the investment made in advertising.

Our exclusive contract lasts a total of six months, in which we guarantee a tough advertising campaign in magazines, newspapers and the best website in Europe and worldwide to post your property. That is why Panda Estates offers you not only a quality service, but we are also focus on giving the best benefits that you may have and check for yourself.

It is not unnecessary to have a contract for so long?

The answer for that question is a big fat no. If we consider the entire sales process, from the beginning of the logistics to the contract closure; six months is a time line to search, show and the sale of the property.

Generally the process when you do not have an exclusive contract is even longer and tedious. The development and emphasis on publicity that we offer is the key to introduce your property in any type of media named above.

We stipulate a specific timetable in the development of the sale:

1.      The first two months we will make publicity and to have a complete database of the potential buyers.

2.      The next two months will be based on the home showing and that all the potential buyers evaluate the property.

3.      Finally, the last two months is for prepare and sign the final documents to conclude the sale.

In Panda Estates, we will invest and work extensively in order to satisfy your needs.